maintain the best quality with the most reasonable price.

it right. go deep into the source of raw material,


not only serving a drink, we also serving

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make it right

In order to yield the best scent and flavour from tea, TEAPRESSU utilises a dedicated tea press machine to excrete the essence of the tea leaves in seconds. This technology greatly minimises the caffeine level while highly increasing the tea flavors. It's a must Try!

we are almost ready

we never stop to improve a better service. After all these years, Teapressu has finally opened up a brick & mortar store @ 5242 Kingsway, BBY.

with this location, we're able to provide a larger variety menu.

Slowly and gradually we are putting bits and pieces together. So don't be surprise that the store looks little different each time you visit.

Please be patient and stay with us till our proposed Grand Opening in March 2021.

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